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Jazzy news from different countries.


The first Jazzy potatoes do come from Israël to the European supermarkets (France, UK and Spain) (1 April 2015). De quality is perfect with a nice skin.



In the Pfalz area (Germany) they grow Jazzy's for 5 years now. Part of the fields are potato growing under plastic. The tubers are already looking good (22 mei 2014).



        Under plastic.                                                                    Emerge without plastic.



The first Jazzy's of the 2014 season are being harvested in Mallorca (28-3-2014). The taste is perfect!






           (Nieuw-Namen 3-9-2013).

(Weuthen Potato Day 29-8-2013)    


          Germany (Lüneburg 8-8-2013)       

         Italië (22-5-2013)

             Germany (Pfalz 16-5-2013)

         Israël (6-5-2013)






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