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Use what you produce



For sure

Since its establishment back in 1920, C. Meijer B.V. has always remained a family business. The strength of our organization is determined primarily by our staff. The quality and value of our organization, and our products and services, are based on the knowledge, skills and dedication of all of our staff. Optimum quality also demands passion. Each member of our staff feels closely involved every single one within his or her own specific field. Whether it entails breeding new potato varieties, delivering high-quality seeds to growers, or supplying the best raw materials for the processing industry, we ensure the highest quality standards in every process.











Meijer has worldwide activities for almost 3 generations. During those years we managed to become and remain a reliable partner for all our relations. We appreciate and respect what the last generations have build up and continue to ensure a healthy and secure future.





Breeding Station Oosthof

Our breeding Station ‘Oosthof’ is located in Rilland. Here we develop new potato varieties with the latest techniques. Dedicated employees like to share their skills and knowledge with our relations. Together we make the right choices, which contributes to the reliability of your potato activities. Our varieties are the living proof of this truss.






Growing seed potatoes


The new commercial varieties that arise from the breeding program are going to professional seed growers. These growers, who are located in the Netherlands and France, multiply the high quality Class S material to Class SE, E or A. There are two sources for Class S tubers. Building up from mini-tubers and from 1st and 2nd generation seed potato growers.




Sales worldwide


Our innovative potato varieties are sold and used worldwide as high quality seed potatoes or produced under license. Our sales takes place to some fifty countries. We are active in the segments French fry, crisp and table market. The focus of our sales team and our logistic department is to strengthen and expand our business relationships. Our motto "Meijer for sure" and our target to provide most optimum service are the basis for the future.