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Use what you produce


News November 2018
We had two good open days in Emmeloord where we were able to present our varieties to our existing and new relationships that are part of the potato chain.
News July 2018
At this time of the year we do visit our relations all over the world to see how our varieties are performing in the field. We talk about growing technical aspects to achieve the best possible results (yield/quality).


Resp: Acoustic, Orchestra


Resp: Cupido, Lady Anna

News February 2018
Plant breeding innovation is essential for sustainable agriculture. It is a natural step to help us ensure food quality, reduce crop loss and food waste, and address tomorrow’s agri-food challenges. More information you can read at this website:
News September 2017
Change in management C. Meijer B.V.
In the past 22 years, Jan Muijsers led C. Meijer B.V. to the current position. A strong player in the development of new potato varieties and global potato trade.
Last year, Jan informed us that he would like to take more time for himself and his family and to leave the company by the end of 2017.
We are pleased to present Jan's successor: Erika den Daas.
Erika has national and international experience and a broad management background in the agribusiness regarding quality improvement of seed, crop protection and fertilizers. We expect Erika, together with the seasoned and enthusiastic staff of the Meijer team and foreign companies, to be an excellent successor to Jan.
September 4, 2017, Erika has started with C. Meijer B.V. Jan will gradually take more distance during the launch period.
Jan played a very important role in the success of C. Meijer B.V., thanking him for his loyalty and passion for the business and wishing him all the best of luck and happiness in the future.
News August 2017


We finished the construction of a separated building for our breeding activities in Rilland. Main activity: analyze all external trials.






News September 2016
This year the Potato Europe was held in France (Villers-Saint-Christophe). It was a good event with many visiters in our stand. We had a special promotion for Orchestra (A lot of taste).


News April 2016  
This week a Jazzy promotional trailer started to drive at the European roads. With this we provide along with the potato supplier Weuthen the Jazzy slogan "wash / boil / enjoy" to the consumer.
News February 2016  
During the Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin we promoted our variety Jazzy. The quality of the skin is very good and thin. We promote Jazzy to eat it with the skin. Just wash the potato, boil and enjoy.
News October 2015  

This month a new website for our variety Jazzy was introduced. It presents nice recipes for the consumer and good ideas for the potato business.

Feel free to have a look at:

News May 2015  


The first new crop potatoes of Germany are being harvested (end of May).



News April 2015  


This is how we do the export of our seed potatoes (MOVIE).


News March 2015  


Our new website




Promotion for the potato.




News February 2015


Early emerge of Musica in Adana, Turkey.


News November 2014  


Beginning of November we held our Relation Days 2014 in Emmeloord.



We serve three segments; Crisp, Table and French fry. Each segment was presented in a nice setting. We met many clients who also made knowlegde to our potential new varieties (numbers).




News October 2014  


Sales season 2014/15 has started some time ago and first shipments are already on its way to our clients. Harvest circumstances are good and we had a good exhibition at Potato Europe 2014 in Hanover.



News September 2014



August 28, 2014 the yearly event of Weuthen took place in Schwalmtal (Germany). A lot of farmers and people from the potato industry and packaging companies were present. We as Meijer showed our varieties.




News May 2014  


Meijer attention to sustainability. We give practice to this throughout the whole organization in many ways. As an example we make effort to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. We recently finished two new projects.


We placed 252 solar panels.
Production around 60,000 KWh./year.


In the field behind our office

31 trees were planted.


Planting is taking place all over North Europe and emerge of potato plants can be seen.


Lady Claire                                                     Musica
News April 2014  


Planting Orchestra in Croatia.




Potato seed growers did pre-sprout our varieties and are busy with planting.




The first Jazzy's of the 2014 season are being harvested in Mallorca (28-3-2014). The taste is perfect!




News Februari 2014


Salt tolerant trial i.c.w. Domiatec - DOCOM and WUR/Alterra

In january 2014 the first trial with salt tolerant was planted by Domiatec and Meijer in Wadi Natrun. This desert area in Egypt is located beside the well known Nile-delta. This trial has now become one of the top priority researches supported by WUR and DACOM.

Location salt tolerant trail near “A”.

Salt is a growing problem worldwide , also in Egypt. The water taken out of the soil for irrigation is becoming more salty. This means that the potato will be placed under pressure. Meijer is already working on a breeding program focused on salt tolerance for several years. We do this close to Rilland, in the marshes of the Westerschelde in Zeeland. With the experience from Rilland we selected a group of varieties to continue and make new trials.

Differances in results can be seen at the images.




In collaboration with Domiatec, DACOM, WUR and Meijer started in 2013. We used our combined irrigation and soil expertise for this program. In the Summer Crop 2013 ( plant January harvest of May) we have seen already clear racial differences between the three salt regimes. The seed of this crop was used for the Winter Crop planting (plants October harvest February). A large amount of data is already collected.



New planted trial field with the three tanks with different salt levels.












First emerge after planting January 25, 2014.
Special DACOM equipment to measure humidity in the soil.

News November 2013

Recently our variety Melody was choosen as "Thüringer Kartoffel 2013".
The Melody was better compared to Belana and Gala.

Relation days 2013 Emmeloord (7 and 8 November). It was a pleasure to meet many of our clients and potato seed growers.


News September 2013

We have had a very good Potato Europe 2013 in Emmeloord.

Many visitors were surprised by the free give away bag of Jazzy's.
Our stand with our varieties for Table, Crisp and French Fries.
Our theme "Use what you produce".
We met many present and new business relations.

Beside our established crisp varieties Lady Claire en Lady Rosetta we promoted the varieties Lady Britta en Lady Amarilla (last one also being used in French Fries industry).


News July/Augustus 2013

This year we organized a taste test together with restaurant "De Kromme Watergang" and vegetable garden Zilte Hof. Twelve Meijer (potential) varieties are grown at Zilte Hof beside vegetables and spices.

Top chef Edwin Vinke (ranged with 2 Michelin stars) will use the potatoes in his special dishes. At the end of the growing season a taste test will be organized.


June 2013

Demonstration field 2013 looks very good (pictures taken 25-6-'13). These weeks we present our varieties and new numbers frequently to farmers, visitors and clients.