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Lady Anna

French fry potatoes
Maturity 6,2
Colour of skin *(1) G
Colour of flesh *(2) 6,7
Shape of tuber *(3) LLO
Depth of the eyes 7,6
Tuber uniformity 7,1
Size of tubers 7
Grading 7
Dry matter percentage 23,3
Suitability for cooking 8ABB
Dormancy 6,2


9=positive ... 1=negative
*(1): L=light D=dark W=white G=yellow R=red
*(2): Colour of flesh: 8=yellow ... 4=white
*(3): Shape of tuber: R=round O=oval L=long


This beautiful, oblong potato is very suitable for the chips industry.
The processing return is high. Lady Anna is not sensitive for bruising, scab resistant and sprang resistant. Moreover, Lady Anna is resistant to potato nematodes (A, B, C and D). Lady Anna can be baked from the start of the potato season to its end, due to its stable sugar metabolism.

8 months
Leaf rol 7
A-virus 8
X-virus 8
Y-virus 7
Yntn-virus 7
Foliage blight 4,2
Tuber blight
Common scab 7,1
Spraing 8
Bruising 9
Secondary growth 7,3
Ro1 9
Ro2/3 8
Pa2 8
Pa3 2
wz 1 (D1) 10
wz 2/6 (G1/O1) 4
wz 18 (T1) 8

R=resistant ... 1=very susceptible
Ro/Pa(x) = Globodera rostochiensis / pallida pathotype(x)

Ro1(=A), Ro2/Ro3(=BC), Pa2(=D), Pa3(=E)
(9 = high resistant; 1 = very susceptible)
wz 1(D1), wz 2/6 (G1/O1, wz 18 (T1)
(10 = resistant, 3 = very susceptible)


Do you need specific advice about planting distances or fertilizing? Ask your local supplier or your Meijer contact. 

-Do not plant early in cold soil.
-Do not plant deep.
-Lady Anna grows deep in the row.

C. Meijer B.V. will not be responsible for possible negative effects originating from this advice.