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Lady Claire

Crisp potatoes
Maturity 7,6
Colour of skin *(1) DG
Colour of flesh *(2) 6,7
Shape of tuber *(3) RO
Depth of the eyes 6,8
Tuber uniformity 7,4
Size of tubers 6.5
Grading 8
Dry matter percentage 23,6
Suitability for cooking
Dormancy 6,4


9=positive ... 1=negative
*(1): L=light D=dark W=white G=yellow R=red
*(2): Colour of flesh: 8=yellow ... 4=white
*(3): Shape of tuber: R=round O=oval L=long


An outstanding crisping variety with excellent fry colour, particularly after long storage; enables a year-round supply of the crisp industry; the thin yellow skinned, light yellow flesh tubers are round to oval shaped and easy to peal; high yield potential and high dry matter content; in contrast with many other varieties with a high dry matter content, Lady Claire has a high resistance to damage and bruising; the early maturity allows flexibility in planting period to optimise the timing of the harvest; Lady Claire can be stored at a temperature of 5°C (41°F).

8 months
Leaf rol 7
A-virus 9
X-virus 7
Y-virus 6.5
Yntn-virus 7
Foliage blight 3,1
Tuber blight 6
Common scab 7,2
Spraing 6
Bruising 7
Secondary growth 7,0
Ro1 9
wz 1 (D1) 10
wz 2/6 (G1/O1) 7
wz 18 (T1)

R=resistant ... 1=very susceptible
Ro/Pa(x) = Globodera rostochiensis / pallida pathotype(x)

Ro1(=A), Ro2/Ro3(=BC), Pa2(=D), Pa3(=E)
(9 = high resistant; 1 = very susceptible)
wz 1(D1), wz 2/6 (G1/O1, wz 18 (T1)
(10 = resistant, 3 = very susceptible)


Do you need specific advice about planting distances or fertilizing? Ask your local supplier or your Meijer contact. 

-Wait for eyes waking up before planting.
-Sensitive to the full dose of Sencor pre-emergence.
-Start late blight control in time.
-Sensitive to Alternaria, start early in the season to prevent this.
-Wait for a set skin before harvest.
-After harvest, dry the potatoes by ventilation.
-Sensitive to pressure damage.
-Be careful with sprouting inhibitor at harvest time!

C. Meijer B.V. will not be responsible for possible negative effects originating from this advice.