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During the season you will find all kind of information around the variety Jazzy. We will inform you were you can find the exhibitions with the "Jazzy Experience". On this page we give you the
possibility to follow the trial fields with the Jazzy.

THE JAZZY: Tasty, Healthy, Easy!

  • TASTY; This salad variety will have you cooking like a chef in no time. Its excellent taste, and good texture, is a feast for the mouth.
    HEALTHY; Potatoes do have important nutrients, fibers and minerals.
    EASY; Jazzy can be eaten with skin. Cooking time is about 12 minutes.

  • First early variety that stands out from other varieties in terms of marketable yield.
    This variety has the potential to yield large numbers of tubers.
    Jazzy has good resistance to internal bruising.
    The uniform tubers are very attractive. This prolific descendant of the family is extremely well-suited for salads and other markets for small potatoes.
    The long tuber has a beautiful skin with shallow eyes and excellent eating quality.


Jazzy's are being grown in many countries such as:
The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italie, Spain,
Austria, Switserland, Sweden, Finland and Israel.

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Jazzy's are presented at:
Jazzy product sheet: Variety information

JAZZY: easy to prepare.

  • Microwave
    Clean wash the tubers
    Cut the Jazzy's in nice parts
    Put about 400 gr. in a steaming-bag
    Add sea salt and Rosemary and stir it
    In 8 minutes (800W) the Jazzy's are ready to eat.


  • Clean wash the tubers
    Cut the Jazzy's in nice parts
    Cook them for 10 minutes
    Put it in a baking dish
    Add olive oil, sea salt and Rosemary and stir it
    Put the baking dish in the oven on 180 degrees Celcius for 20 - 30 minutes.

    Bon Apetit, with Jazzy!!


Technical information

Jazzy is very suitable as a salad potato. It is also a productive variety, in the number of tubers per plant as well as the yield per hectare. Jazzy has a cooking type A with an excellent taste and a good texture. The bruising index can be considered to be very low, which adds to the internal quality. Jazzy is easy to grow.


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Improving cultivation for more efficiency

During the season we are trialing the variety Jazzy for different objectives. With close cooperation with our customers, we look for information to improve the knowlegde of the variety Jazzy.

We have trial fields in the north and south of Holland and in the north of France. The information out of these trials will help the total chain to be more efficient. Avoid losses as much as possible.